Want a Great Idea?

No one wants to talk about life insurance but everyone wants to hear a great idea.

The next time you want to start a conversation about life insurance simply say "can I share an idea with you?"

For example, when you want to talk with one of your senior clients about a way to utilize a Survivorship Policy to create a legacy for something or someone they love. Instead of saying you are calling to discuss how they can use life insurance to create a legacy and let's be honest, they stopped listening after they heard you say life insurance.

Start that conversation with "hello Mr. client do you have just a minute for me to share an idea with you?" We have several clients that have benefited from this idea and I thought it might be interesting to you as well.

Then tell the story of how the concept benefited the client and enabled them to leave a much larger legacy that they ever dreamed of.

Trust me, you will sell more cases telling stories instead of talking product!

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