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How YOU benefit from our unique Training?

The purpose of our training is to develop you and your team members into a top tier financial services agency. This is not about a quick hit sales idea or multiline pivoting strategies.

Our goal to set your office apart from your competitors by having a knowledge base of advanced life and annuity concepts that will create opportunities that most offices are not talking to their clients about.

This is accomplished through a comprehensive curriculum that will combine product training, advanced market strategies including estate planning, wealth transfer, retirement distribution planning, and business owner life insurance needs.

We will also incorporate sessions to check for understanding and implement accountability measures to make sure your team is utilizing the techniques they are learning.

An average agency will miss 40-50 opportunities a year to write significantly larger life and annuity cases simply because of a lack of knowledge. let me help to make sure your agency isn't one of those.   

Ever Heard of a Horse Named Sham?


In 1973 Secretariat won the triple crown by winning the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness, and the Kentucky Derby. Sham finished 2nd in the Belmont and the Kentucky Derby by less than 1/100th of a second, yet he is basically unknown.

The difference between the top producers and average salespeople is that tiny additional product knowledge and sales training that makes a HUGE difference in identifying and closing more life cases.

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